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Write 900 MB Windows after make with Windows UnAttended...
2006-12-06, 09:13 AM,
JosephRB Wrote:This has not worked for me. I want to make an unattend including Office. I receive only a dialogue box to enter one file name.
That is ok. E. g. you enter in dialoge box "image.iso". For first disk get you "image.iso". For second disk get you "image Disk 2.iso", etc.
JosephRB Wrote:On Save, the error is that the image is too large for the disk. I want to do the split at 650MB.
If you get "Windows with driver and hotfixes is to big for disk your size":
  1. try to shrink or remove one or two drivers
  2. use 700 MB CD-R/RW
If you get "This soft is to big for disk your size":
  1. use 700 MB CD-R/RW
If you have dvd-writer use option "All at one disk" and burn it to DVD+-R/RW

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