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About translating the program
2005-08-15, 08:04 PM,
About translating the program
Hi guys

Sorry for posting this in english, cause i can´t even understand german ( too bad ).

But how can we translate this great program in other languages.

I really would like to have it in Portuguese Brasil - but didn´t find any clue about translating things.

Does anyone here have information about it ? - how do i contact the author to get translating files ( from english to other languages ).

Thanks in advance and sorry for posting in the forum since i didn´t get what is the corret one.

Neo - Matrix
Brazilian IT news
2005-08-16, 02:09 PM,
Hi Neo-Matrix,

If you want you can copy file English and store as a Portuguese Brasil.
Then open this file with Notepad and translate everything what stands behind =.

For example: rB_done_pro_disk.Tooltip = "Only software can splitted on more ace one disk. \nThe rest must find place on the ridge Disk!!"

You can do "Only software can splitted on more ace one disk. \nThe rest must find place on the ridge Disk!!!" translate!
Of the marks "\n" means new line!!
Don't change red!

Other example:
file_in_dir_not_found = " file '{0}' not found in \n '{1}'"
You can translate here "file '{0}' not found in \n '{1}'". But not '{0}' and '{1}'!!!
One may move them, however, do not delete or change!!

hopefully I could help you

[Image: wucdcreator.png]
[Image: winfuture.png]
[Image: mysoft.gif]
2005-08-17, 02:29 AM,
Hi Vitali,

Thanks a lot guy.

I´ll start translating things to Portuguese Brazil, and i´ll try to work with a guy from Portugual to translate it to Portuguese-Portugal too.

When i finish it - i´ll contact you again.
2005-08-20, 07:01 AM,
hi again
one other guy who has difficulty to understand german , my mother language nither english nor german Wink
well, is there any hope to have an english version or translation of the help file : wucdchelp.chm ?
it'd be greatly appreciated if some one who can translate this help manual into english .
hope someone can help please
thanks in advance
best regards
2005-09-01, 02:15 PM,
hi again
ok guys, if there's no answer for this request , would u please make a section for english speaker users who want to ask for many things about the program ?
it'll be so kind of u
best regards
2005-09-01, 02:28 PM,
I can do it, but I can't good speak english !

[Image: wucdcreator.png]
[Image: winfuture.png]
[Image: mysoft.gif]
2005-09-04, 08:09 AM,
Vitali Wrote:I can do it, but I can't good speak english !

hi all
this is a great news and i hope all can share none german speaking users to help and exchange experience with the program.
the program will be international so soon specially if it got some english language support , for me my mother tongue is not english and we need to understand many things related to this program .
i'd like to thank the forum Admin for this section ... thanks Admin
@Vitali , please translate it , it'll be very helpful .. just start it and it'll be devolped over time and will be a great translation and i can help u later with suggestations and hope other colleagues will give u more support and help , specially those english speakers who have a good german laguage .

i've translated the program into Arabic , the translation was based on the English translation and it's just a basic and primary and will be developed over time with better understanding of the program .
how can i supply the translated file here?
it works fine when add to the program's lang directory and i'd like to leave a copy for the author to include in the next relase if he likes that .
thanks all
best of luck
2005-09-04, 01:17 PM,
You can it sent to me:

[Image: wucdcreator.png]
[Image: winfuture.png]
[Image: mysoft.gif]
2005-09-04, 06:44 PM,
Vitali Wrote:You can it sent to me:

hi Vitali
i've send the file to ur mail and hope u got it now
best regards

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