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how to split???
2007-10-05, 11:55 AM, (This post was last modified: 2007-10-05, 12:17 PM by almighty.)
how to split???
Hey mates
I ve made a xp with all hotfixes and drivers
and the size exceed with 120 mbs...
now its abt 755 mb...

when i try to save image in split format
by selecting 650 or 700 mb with split, at disk

But it is giving an error of
Quote:windows with driver and hotfixes is too big for disk your size

how can i fix it....

i don have dvd writer thats why i like to burn it on cd...

and later i want to add all my s.w in it too... so that size may exceed by 1-2 gb

but watever the size would be i burn them on cd only....
by spliting....


[Image: 2qcknjm.jpg]

Option to choose the size of image with drag down....

[Image: bgs51v.jpg]

error which i am getting when i press "create ISO image"

but spliting is not working....
is it a bug???????
or am doing any thing wrong
plz help me
2007-10-05, 03:28 PM,
RE: how to split???
Split worked not perfectly, it split by moving "Software" to another disk(s).

Simple way: you delete "i386\Lang" and/or another directories shown in "Windows shrink". NOTE: i386\Lang need you only if you would read/write in another language as west European languages!

Second way: you move your "Hotfixes" to "Software"

[Image: wucdcreator.png]
[Image: winfuture.png]
[Image: mysoft.gif]
2007-10-06, 01:26 PM, (This post was last modified: 2007-10-06, 01:30 PM by almighty.)
RE: how to split???
Thanks for the reply
But i dont wanna remove anything from it and
later i wanna add all softwares and drivers packs of graphics and sound ....

so that it may be exceed to 1 gb more....

I need a spliter for solving my issue then... Sad
coz i dont have dvd burner...

I have only way left to burn them, i.e. on cd in different parts....

I would request u to please tell me which software i can use to split a bootable iso .... i google a lot but not able to find any relevant answer...

If any software is not available then please tell me the procedure in detail to split it manulaly to burn on cds...

I means to say if my iso size is 2.6 gb then i have to make 4 cds (700 mb each)
so first i make 4 folders and copy files in those folders and burn them

but the question is which file goes in which folder?

please enlighten me with ur knowledge
thanking u
2007-10-07, 04:14 PM,
RE: how to split???
almighty Wrote:But i dont wanna remove anything from it and
later i wanna add all softwares and drivers packs of graphics and sound
If you wont to install your driver unattended, you must to have a $OEM$ directory on SAME disk witch i386 directory (windows install files directory)

"Hotfixes" are stored in i386\svcpack directory.. On same disk witch windows of course.
[Image: bgs51v.jpg]
Any hotfix is a setup, like any another setup. You can integrate your hotfixes under "Software" too. In this case can hotfixes splited to another disk..

[Image: wucdcreator.png]
[Image: winfuture.png]
[Image: mysoft.gif]

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