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Integration of multiple textmode drivers
2006-05-18, 06:32 PM,
RE: Integration of multiple textmode drivers
Vitaly, thanks. I was just kind of fishing for educational purposes here anyway. I was really just trying to get into the mechanics of the $OEM$ install process. On second thought, without choosing the TEXTSETUP.OEM, your program might not pick it up correctly, and thereÂ’s no reason to mess around with unneeded manual labor. It might want to see it as a PnP driver that would defeat the purpose.

I think your comments that “it runs problem-free” (and it does), and that your method mirrors the same one used by Microsoft are key comments.

No problem on the language. IÂ’m on a German board, and I appreciate your efforts. Thanks again.
2006-05-27, 04:29 PM, (This post was last modified: 2006-05-27, 04:34 PM by PVU.)
RE: Integration of multiple textmode drivers
On May 23, Intel updated their (TEXTMODE) RAID and SATA drivers (and their PnP chipset INF drivers). The RAID and SATA drivers are still contained within the executable program called iata57_enu.exe at the same location.

You no longer have to extract the iaStor drivers from the executable in the manner described above. Intel has simplified the process.

All you have to do is use a program like Winzip, Winrar, or 7-Zip to extract all files to wherever – iata57_enu would be the default. When you extract the files from the iata57_enu.exe, there is now a Winall folder that is created. Within the Winall folder there is a Driver folder and a Driver64 folder that contains the latest mass storage drivers.
2006-05-31, 02:10 PM,
RE: Integration of multiple textmode drivers
if you intergrate textmode drivers and then use a sysprep do they get added to build mass storage section of sysprep.ini ? i currently am having trouble adding textmode drivers and this tool may be my answer.
2006-05-31, 02:40 PM,
RE: Integration of multiple textmode drivers
I don't know. May be it is enough to copy folow rows from winnt.sif to sysprep.ini:
May be it isn't enough. I don't know how work sysprep.exe !

[Image: wucdcreator.png]
[Image: winfuture.png]
[Image: mysoft.gif]
2006-05-31, 02:47 PM,
RE: Integration of multiple textmode drivers
thank you for your quike reply. i just test and see if it works.

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