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Problem setting up windows from the iso file&some questi
2005-09-25, 05:14 PM,
hi all

Quote:I try it tomorrow to create a auto it script, bu why acroread 5 ???
It is not better with version 7 ??

thank u very much for ur time and effort , i'll try the one posted here first and feedback ..
about why acroreader 5 , cuze i'm using a PII 400MHZ with 256MB SD Ram , so i'm searching always any program that doing the job without wasting more resources Smile

Thanks alot for the autit script for acroreader , i'll try to combile it and make my SFX rar archive and will try it and feedback here

best of luck to all of u
2005-09-25, 09:52 PM,
hi again
thanks DiO
the script worked fine , i've tested it and worked great
@ Vitali
thanks for all the help and support u gave , don't bother trying to make the script .. the one posted here already did it .
all the best of luck for u all
2005-09-26, 03:59 PM,
hi again
i'm sorry for asking too much , but i think there are many who get benfit from asking such a question that they need it's answer .
now i'd like to register my programs ( software) , i do have some .reg files and some needs to be cracked .. i think using crack can be utilized like software with sfx rar archive .. now i'd like to know how to use the .reg files to register my software ?
i hope to find some answers or hints .. thanks alot for all of u specially Vitali who always give help and support here
best regards
2005-09-26, 05:53 PM,
If I understood correctly want you import a .reg file in windows registry from winrar-sfx-archive for your soft?

1. Create a install.cmd. It containst:
Quote:start /wait %systemroot%\regedit /s file.reg
start /wait yourSetup.exe /switch1 /switch2
2. Copy install.cmd in winrar-sfx-archive
3. Change coment from archive:

[Image: wucdcreator.png]
[Image: winfuture.png]
[Image: mysoft.gif]
2005-09-27, 09:16 AM,
hello Vitali
thank u alot for ur fast response , i got ur idea but what i want to say it's not necessary to use sfx archive for that .

I just need to register my software using .reg files as simple as i can !!

some programs has no switches , so i've used autoit compiled script to make sfx file using winrar to do the job .
in this case i'd make an install.cmd file writing the comment "setup=install.cmd"
while i should write the second command line to be :
"start /wait CompiledScript.exe"
well, that was very nice and worked fine using this install.cmd and the following comments :

;The comment below contains SFX script commands


using archive that contains the following :
1- software setup.exe file
2- software.reg file
3- autoit compiled script file
4- install.cmd file
tested to work very great without errors or problems
Now .. i have some other software programs that could be used with normal famous switches , like "ultraIso" for example .. so , i don't have to make an sfx rar archive for it .. i'll use the switch :

"%CDROM%\Software\UltraIso\uiso.exe" /VERYSILENT /SP- /NORESTART

i do also want to use my "UltraIso.reg" file to register it while or before installation .. how can i achieve that?

thank u alot for all the help and support .. nice soul Smile
is there any new versions of the WUC or any new modifications achieved after the 0.9.7 ?
if u do have any new .. please announce it here in the English fourm in a sticky thread .
all the best of luck
2005-09-27, 09:34 AM,
It is the same thing.

1. In "Software" tab select UltraIso
2. Click "Select" and select UltraIso.reg
3. Click "Add"

Now have yout 2 steps to install UltraIso:
1. "%CDROM%\Software\UltraIso\uiso.exe" /VERYSILENT /SP- /NORESTART
2. regedit /s "%CDROM%\Software\UltraIso\UltraIso.reg"

You can switch steps with Up/Down

[Image: wucdcreator.png]
[Image: winfuture.png]
[Image: mysoft.gif]
2005-09-27, 11:49 AM,
hi Vitali
thanks alot for the fast response and answer .. i'll check and test that and will feedback ..
well .. if u have any new news about WUC .. please post in this forum to let us follow it and test the new modifications .
thanks alot in advance

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