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Integration of nForce SataRaid drivers
2006-06-21, 09:14 AM, (This post was last modified: 2006-06-21, 09:17 AM by gisborne.)
RE: Integration of nForce SataRaid drivers
Fernando Wrote:I don't think, that the nForce SATA drivers are the reason for your problems, provided that you took the ones I proposed in my guide. It sounds more likely as an nForce Raid controller issue of your board.
To find it out I have more questions:
Which nForce chipset driver package and which subfolder did you use for the SataRaid driver integrating?
Did you reformat (best way: low format) your hdd's after your non-Raid tests to get the MBR totally clean for your Raid setup?
What is about the test with F6 and the drivers off the 6.53 package? Did you succeed this way?

I'm sorry: 6.53? Your original post seems to propose I use 6.70, which I did via slipstreaming. I'll try the F6 route.

Also: I've tried all kinds of permutations with both nlite and wucc. The latter offers the "Bad driver" right click option, but I don't see something similar in nLite. It would be helpful to understand what that is doing and why it is (supposed to be) helpful.

Edit: or is it 6.85, which is described as being for "mainboards with nForce4 AMD/Intel SLI x16 chipset". I find that confusing: surely, AMD and Intel chipsets don't both use the same driver?

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