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Integration of nForce SataRaid drivers
2006-06-20, 01:14 PM,
RE:  Integration of nForce SataRaid drivers
gisborne Wrote:I have a Abit KN8 SLI mobo. When I use the CD built according to these instructions, about a minute after the "Starting Windows" message appears in the installation process, I get:
STOP: C0000221 Unknown Hard Error
Please help!
Some ideas:
1. Are your RAM sticks rock stable?
2. Is your XP SP2 CD "clean" (fresh created and not manipulated) and proper burned?
3. If your Maxtor hdd's are SATA2 ones, did you look for a firmware update or alternatively have you jumpered them to SATA1?
4. Is your Raid array "healthy" (shown at second boot screen)?
5. Have you unplugged all non-Raid hdd's and USB devices before you started the install?
6. Do you really have only 1 MBR on drive C:?
If all your answers are "yes", you should do the following:
Try to install the original XP CD by hitting F6 and presenting the SataRaid drivers off the nForce chipset driver package 6.53. If the install fails, you have a hardware problem, that has nothing to do with the nForce driver integration.


My current system:
MB: ASUS P5B-E Plus BIOS: 0617
CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6750
RAM: 4x1024 MB Corsair DDR-2 CL4 800 Mhz
HD: 2x250 GB Samsung S-ATA II as Intel ICH8 Raid0
PSU: ATX Xilence Power 600W
VIDEO: Gainward 256 MB Bliss 8600GT PCX

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